Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Attn: Mobile Industry. You are doomed.

Okay, maybe not to that extent but i felt i had to make it more dramatic.
In any case, i was just checking Russels blog and i felt the urge to comment.
I agree with Russel, i think that as better content makes its way to the mobile environment it will leave less free time to play games. If i can get the content i need on my phone then i wont be playing games in the train or the bus, i would probably make better use of my time and catch up with my feeds or read notes for my next presentation. I dont say it is good but being the workaholics that I am, i will not be spending my time on games, i dont care how good they are.
Also, people that do find and make time to play games on the go will probably have a better experience iwth dedicated devices like the PSP. If i were to play games on the go i would much rather get a PSP and carry it everywhere, i am already spending quite a bit of money on a high end phone and games, and i am so into games then i would have no problem spending the money.
Disclaimer: This is all based in theory, i am stuck with a crippled phone serviced by Verizon because i live in Vermont and no other carrier cares about us. You could say that this is my view because i have not been exposed to the wonders of mobile gaming, maybe so but i am also ranting because i hate Verizon and if i could live without my phone i would not be paying ridiculous amounts of money to get a crippled phone.


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