Thursday, May 26, 2005


I guess I'll do a quick intro. Since I already dislike this kind of post, not intros in general but my own intros (I actually find other people's intros quite interesting for the most part anyways), I will do this in a bullet form kind of post, maybe I';ll even add stuff as I remember it or deem it important.

  • Originally from Peru
  • Actually born in San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Moved to Peru at age of 2
  • Moved to the US at age 18
  • Extended my wait for legal age for another 3 years (it is only 18 in Peru)
  • Played competitive football (soccer) since I can remember
  • Graduated as a Software Engineer from a small school in Vermont
  • Landed a job at a small tech company in Vermont
  • Really enjoy my job
  • Really enjoy coaching football (soccer)
  • Really enjoy technology in general
That is it for now, I cant think of anything else, but questions are welcome.


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