Thursday, May 26, 2005

Yahoo's My Web?

I don't know if anyone has seen this before or if its really old and I just missed it. I should have seen it either on Russell Beattie's blog or Jeremy Zawodny's blog but I haven't, or as I said before maybe I just missed it, sometimes work just gets in the way.
In any case, Yahoo's has released a beta service called My Web, which is basically the same as google's Search History service, at least that's what it seems at first impression. I have not yet tried it, I only looked at the introduction:

  • Save all the pages you like (exact copies, not just links!) (check!)
  • Search My Web to instantly "re-find" your saved pages (check!)
  • Share only the pages you want - you're in control (I assume that it will eventually allow to share it, that's if they ever get on the RSS wagon)
  • Turn on My Search History to quickly access past searches and visited results (?)

It definitely look like very similar products, no? I have been using google's search history for over a month now; that is I have allowed it to record my searches, but I have not actually used it to recover a previous search or find a page I didn't remember.
And now that I think about it, these 2 products actually sound a lot like Filangy. I actually downloaded their toolbar for firefox and have actually been recording my pages for a while now, however have not found a need to use it yet. I do a lot of searching and browsing but still have not found a time where I needed to go look at that cache to find that page again; or perhaps I have had that need but I have not realized I got all these tools in front of me. I am going to try to get better at using both Filangy and Googles Search History; I am going to hold off to use Yahoo


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