Monday, June 13, 2005

I want my MTV Cingular

First im gonna give you the heads up.
THIS IS A RANT, Feel free to skip this post.

This rant comes from reading Russell Beattie's post about his new Nokia phone. I am tired of reading about this technology and not being able to enjoy it.
As i mentioned before in this blog i currently live in Burlington, Vermont. And as i said it before, Verizon has a virtual monopoly here, there are other carriers but they are so week that you can hardly count them. These are the carriers we have in order of service/coverage/market share

  1. Verizon Wireless

  2. Sprint

  3. Nextel

  4. Unicel

  5. AT&T*

*AT&T was here pre-merger with Cingular, existing users got grandfathered into their existing plans and kept serviced from Cingular. Nobody can get into their service anymore.

Out of the mentioned companies i have tried all but Sprint, mostly because their service sucks out here.
I started with the budget-friendly service from Unicel. Got tired of their stupidly restricting plans and decided to be an early adopter fo Nextel out here. I actually loved Nextel service, however their phones leave much to be desired. By far Nextel had the best service i could ask for in the Green Mountains, and the PTT feature was a killer feature for me at that time... until i realized that there werent enough adopters, Nextel customer base in the areas was limited to construction crews and general contractors. Once my 1-year plan was up i looked into upgrading to a better phone since the coverage was very good, but i just couldnt settle for an inferior phone. Finally i did some research about phones, looking at the usual suspects and suddenyl run into the v710 on the Verizon website. I fell in love with it, with the bluetooth, with the megapixel camera, with the bundled ear piece. It was what i had been looking for; i went online and bought the motorola phone tools and the data cable. I was ready to embrace the technology, i was psyched about the IM capabilities, the web browser and new ringtones. However as anything that looks too good to be true, it turned out it was. I stumbled upon Russel's post about Verizon crippling the v710 and since then i swore off investing any money into the mobile market. I am done throwing my money at them. But now again, i see this Nokia and i just cant resist, i can imagine the possibilities, the productivity increase, the connectivity. Well as i stand right now i have the best phone i can get from the company with the best coverage in the state, there is only so much i can do.
I checked the Cingular site and even called their 1-800 sales number, they actaully have me enter my zip code and tell me right there that they wont service me.
Does anyone know if anyone can sign up out of state? and if so are there restrictions on using your plan most of the time out of your local area? And finally but not less important, will they allow you to carry your number although it has an out of state area code? If not, why not? What happens when you have to relocate out of state for a job, you cannot carry your number with you? Now that most cell plans are nationwide, landlines offer $0.01 per minute deals for long distance, and VOIP is making large advances I dont see a reason why people are not doing this more often.
I want to be able to look at the Motorola Razor, at the Symbian phones, maybe check out the T-Mobile Sidekick. I just want to have options.

phew. that was a long post.


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