Sunday, June 05, 2005

Video to go?

This is not what we usually refer as video on demand; i am not talking about video through broadband or PPV. I am talking about a new feature being offered by Blockbuster. According to Hacking Netflix, Blockbuster will be providing downloading stations in their stores, you can bring your own storage mechanism and download whatever movie you want for an standard fee; Blockbuster will probably also offer different kinds of media, UMD, SD, etc. The first question that comes to mind is: DRM. Will it be protected? and if yes, how? After those questions are answered i would have to wonder about the cost, will it be considerably lower than a DVD? And if so how healthy will the margins be for Blockbuster?
I think its kinda cool, but not a killer feature or service, perhaps they will be able to cut some costs down and pump more money into their competition against Netflix. I still think Blockbuster is doomed, the only piece left is a merger or agreement between Netflix and Amazon, that would put Blockbuster out of their misery for sure.
What do you think?


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