Thursday, July 07, 2005

Yahoo! Mobile

So i was reading Russell's blog as always and he had an update on Yahoo! Mobile.
I agree with him, i think the evolution of SMS will be as a conduct to share information with others. SMS is not the best or easiest way to communicate with others, it can actually be quite cumbersome. T9 makes it quite easy but not every phone has it and similar entry software is not the same, i have iTap on my phone and i dont even attempt to use it cause it is easier for me to spell out the whole word.
SMS will be just a way to pass links to each other and point to information on the mobile web, with the level of acceptance and use increasing so quickly in the states i think it is prime time for applications like Yahoo! Mobile to provide this service.
Now i havent given this much thought and i can imagine there would be all kinds of security concerns but i think it would be cool to be able to send SMS messages that when read offered an action type and it could open an application in our phone and show us what the sender wanted us to see or something along those lines. I dont know something along those lines? what do you think? does it make any sense at all? I should probably think a little more about this or i risk looking like a total idiot but last time i checked my stats there arent many people reading anyways. :) Oh Russell if you do come back drop me a comment, me gustaria conversar contigo; me encanta leer tu blog y creo que tus ideas son muy buenas; practicamente esa es la razon por la que inicie este blog. Gracias!.
Now how bout this idea, grow a SMS like system that provides these links and after a while we could grow a PageRank kind of system in the mobile web just like we do in the web. Then we could search what other people are sharing and talking about across the mobile web, how would that work? I can imagine there are privacy issues and it would eventually degrade to where we will find advertisements in our sms messages but it could be a viable way to encourage development.
So what do you think? are these ideas way out on left field?


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